Co-founders Brian and Rosanna are lifelong residents of the Princeton-area in New Jersey and both share a deep respect and appreciation for the green open spaces and beautiful farmland they grew up next to, as well as a love for travel and experiencing new food and flavors. Having met in 2012, these foodies connected over a mutual love for the experience of farm-to-table restaurants, fresh ingredient combinations, and, (especially), the whimsical, botanical cocktails they had been enjoying as they frequented restaurants throughout the world, in nearby New York City and Philadelphia, and of course downtown Princeton.

With the Garden State’s working landscape setting the scene for daily life and products picked up along their travels, they were inspired to create accessible and easy to use products that would change the ordinary meal into extraordinary,  especially made for use in the family kitchen, communal table, and patio bar.

After summers experimenting making fresh simple syrups to pair with beautiful oolong and green teas imported from Brian’s family homeland in Taiwan and infusing local, raw honey with everything from garlic, peppers, and herbs, they found that friends and families were appreciating their creations as much as they did. One thing led to another and Microbrew Tea Co. was founded in 2016. Soon after our our products hit the shelves of local stores and restaurants.